What is The Athletic Life?

A resource for people that currently lead an active lifestyle, or want to, who are looking for a more holistic and mindful approach to fitness and wellness. The Athletic Life brings together the care and coaching necessary to harmonize health and spirituality for a successful, meaningful life.
Unlike traditional trainers and coaches, who are more focused on physical training around specific goals; and unlike traditional doctors, who are more focused on physical “cause and effect” diagnosis and treatments without regard for the athletic lifestyle; The Athletic Life provides the guidance and expertise you need to be healthy and active at the same time, so that you may achieve the balance to live a fulfilling, satisfying life rooted in wellness.



-Dr. Kyle Worell, Founder, The Athletic Life  

Dr. Kyle Worell is an internationally recognized athletic health, physical wellness and lifestyle medicine consultant.  He is a chiropractor, spine, sports rehabilitation and fitness expert and health, wellness and lifestyle coach specializing in injury prevention and rehabilitation. He is a partner at Manhattan Sports Medicine where he enjoys a successful spine and sports rehabilitation practice in New York  City. He is the founder and director of The Athletic Life, a web enabled health and wellness company providing concierge care, consulting and professional life coaching to athletes all across the world.

The Athletic Life is dedicated to becoming the leading global health and wellness coaching company, committed to the active, balanced lifestyle.

Looking for a breakthrough in your life? Have you hit a plateau?  Maybe you have lost all form of health, wellness and balanced lifestyle? BOOK DR. KYLE AND THE ATHLETIC LIFE TO REVIVE YOUR TEAM

"One the things I am most passionate about is sharing my knowledge with audiences in various venues; from one on one patient interactions to seminars, retreats and training camps, corporate meetings and summits."